EndNote X6 for Mac Question / Problem

I am running EndNote X6.0.2 on a MacBook Pro with OSX 10.8.

My understanding (from the EndNote help documentation) is that I should be able to place the editing cursor in a field for a record, and by pressing COMMAND + 1, open the associated term list.  For example, when editing the Keywords field for a journal article, I should be able to open the existing keyword terms list and select from the existing defined keywords.

This COMMAND + 1 feature does not work on my system.  I have checked for conflicting keyboard shortcuts on my system and found none.  When I place the cursor in the Keywords, Author, or Journal field and right click the “Open Terms List” context menu item shows <Empty Terms List>.  This response is not accutate, as when I type entries into fields with associated terms lists, EndNote does autocomplete my typing for existing terms in the list.

I would like to get the COMMAND + 1 keyboard shortcut working as this would be useful to me in organizing my library.  I would appreciate any assistance or information that could be offered.