Bibiliography style without journal title

Please anyone tell me which journal format uses bibiliography without journal title. I need to have best use of space

ah, you found us!  

J Biological Chem is attached.  

J Biological Chem.ens (13.4 KB)

MAny thanks friend,

But unfortunately JBC also used tiltles in bibiliography. Please suggest me a suitable format.



ooops, sorry, I thout I picked the one that didn’t.  Here is a version I edited to delete the title. 

The power of endnote is you can take any existing style and edit it to your requirements. 
J Biological Chem no title.ens (13 KB)

Hello Leanne,

Thanks a lot for the helps. it looks great now.

Could you please help me to insert squre brackets in the numbers in bibiliography like I have shown below?






I also want to introduce bibiliography as Foot notes in each page . is it possible?

Very sorry to bother you again, please help. 

Thanks in advance

Footnotes would need to be inserted from the word processor and use a different footnote output style, AND you would need to get the word processor to insert the squared bracketed numbering --and I am not adept at how to change footnote formating in word.  

Who are you submitting this to?  

Many thanks Leanne for further details

I am preparing a grant proposal for Indian Government. 

Thanks again