Change title/font of bibliography in Word (Endnote X4)

In previous versions of Endnote, I had the option to format (content, alignment, and weight) the title of my bibliography. In X4, I can’t figure out how to make changes. I am using Word 2010 for PC. Any suggestions?

Formatting of the bibliography is performed through the EndNote tab within MS Word. 

  1. In MS Word, click the EndNote X4 tab. (See attached Image)

  2. In the “Bibliography” section of the ribbon, locate and click the small arrow in the lower right hand corner. This will cause the “EndNote X4 Format Bibliography” pop-up window to appear.

  3. Click the assorted tabs within the Format Bibliography and use the various options for formatting the bibliography. Click OK when completed.

thank you ! this was driving me nuts - changing the font for the references to match the document  in Word changes all my greek symbols

As the image shows, there is an option of changing the formatting of the bibliography title, but not one for changing book titles from being formatted as underlined to italics. I did have book titles in italics both in MLA and in Chicago 16A. I don’t know why it has changed to underlined and am unable to change this.

However, i am also unable to “Edit and Manage Citations.”  I can enter the editing details, but they don’t display in the word document. Perhaps the two are connected?

With thanks for any help.

It’s solved. I had the wrong style in the “Format Bibliography” panel. Both problems have vanished.

Thank you for being there to take a distance to the intense stubbornness of wanting to solve a problem.

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