EndNote Web new bibliography style

I need to make the bibliography list like this:

Author XX,  et al. Journal title. Year;Vol(issue):123-456.

I haven’t been able to find this style in EndNote Web and have no idea how to make a new style. Can anyone help?

@babablackcow wrote:

I need to make the bibliography list like this:


Author XX,  et al. Journal title. Year;Vol(issue):123-456.


This is an odd format as it the article title is excluded while Year folows journal title. Is this for a publication?  Also, is “et. al” to be applied when there’s more than 1 author (or some other number of authors)?

It seems that an Author Date style like APA could be modified to fit your requirement (at least from your one example). But the key issue is that it will be easier to transfer from EndNote Web and work from your desktop where an output style can be modified and applied.


The ACS No-Title style does not contain the article title for a journal article.  What type of in-text citation format are you using?

Cheryl - The EndNote Team

Thanks for your suggestions, but neither APA or ACS seem to be quite right. I think this abbreviated style of referencing is quite commonly used in final copy for pharmaceutical marketing materials as it saves a lot of space in design. The in-text citations are superscript numbers and then the references appear at the end like this, with et al being used if there is more than one author:

1. Author XX,  et al. Journal title. Year;Vol(issue):123-456. 2. Author XX,  et al. Journal title. Year;Vol(issue):123-456. 3. Author XX,  et al. Journal title. Year;Vol(issue):123-456. 

If there isn’t a style like this already in EndNote Web, is there any way I can add one?

It seems you’ll need a numbered style but finding one that is an exact match to your specs will be difficult given the thousands of output styles. It might be easier to modify a drug- or pharmaceutical-related style so you can switch to using EndNote from your desktop – otherwise you’ll need to request tech support to create the style and make it available on EndNote Web.

Are your references limited to only journals?

Thanks, I will try and get in touch with the tech support team. I’m sure it would be a frequently used style. We do use a lot of different types of references - not just journals - but generally just type them in as the title if it’s too complicated so I can see that wouldn’t work if the bibliography doesn’t include the title! I’ll have to think carefully about how it would work. Many thanks.