Bibliographic style in alphabetical order


the requirements of my faculty says that the bibliography should be sorted in alphabetical order by the authors name.

How can I manage that? Every bibliographic style I tried were in order of numbers.
 So I need a medical bibliographic style which uses numbers after the citation and sort the bibliography in alphabetical order.

Thank you for your help !


Here is the Numbered output style -adjusted to sort by Author Year.  – or do you need a style that isn’t numbered, but cited as (Author, year)?  – In which case Author Year would be the one you select. 

Numbered -Author-year (1.95 KB)
Numbered -Author-year sort.ens (16 KB)

thanks a lot !

I’m a new EndNote user, and I am currently trying out EndNote Basic.  I am using CSE Style Manual C-S, but I need my references to be alphabetized and numbered in the bibliography.  I’ve seen several solutions to this dilemma on the forums that involve changing the output style, but I don’t seem to have an option for doing this on EndNote Basic.  Is this the case?  Do I need to purchase a different version of EndNote to have this option?  …or am I simply missing something?  Thanks in advance!