Combination of alphabetical and numbered bibliography


I’m using a modified “Author-Date” style to format my bibliography in Word.

Yet, I’d like to add numbers to the alphabetically sorted bibliography, so that, finally, I can cite references in the text by using numbers (e.g. “2”) instead of using names (e.g. “(Einstein et al. 1905)”).

Consequently, the bibliography should look like this:

1 Curie M,  1902, …

2 Einstein A, 1905, …

3 Newton I, 1684, …

Unfortunately I did not find a solution - can you help me out???

Thank you!


It seems that you want a numbered style, in name-sequence order, instead of the more normal citation-sequence order.

There are some examples of such styles provided by EndNote. If you look at the style for “Physiological Reviews” you will see how to configure such a style. Look particularly at these sections of the style:



Bibliography>Sort Order

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Dear Mr East,

it worked perfectly the way you explained!

Thank you very much!



I have just had the same problem and your solution sorted it for me also!  Thanks so much 

Hello there,

unfortunately this style was changed very recently, so now I can’t use it for my dissertation anymore. I am very disappointed because I am about to submit the thesis and now I have no idea how to solve my problem.

So again I am looking for a citation style which is alphabetically sorted and also numbered.

So it should look like this:

(1) Aase et al
(4) Cheskes et al
(68) Spies et al.

and then the numbers in the text without the authors’ names.

Can you please help me?

Sincerely Dana M. Spies

Since this style (Physiological Reviews) has changed recently,

I had to figure out another style with the same structure.

I found the style “Der Internist” and used it for my thesis. It is also in an alphabetical order but numbered as well.

Sincerly, Dana M. Spies

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