Bibliography before appendix

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I’ve been using Endnote in combination with Word for quite some time now and I really like the workflow. However I came across one problem and so far I couldn’t find a solution.

How is it possible to have the automatically generated bibliography BEFORE the appendix? My bibliography is always at the end of my document. Is there any function that says “Please place my bibliography here and not at the end of my document”?

My system:

Endnote X4.0.2 + Word 2011 14.1.0 + Mac 10.6.7

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Just select it and move it.  It will stay in the new position. 

Thank you very much. It works great :slight_smile:

You just have to make sure you select the whole bibliography (in my case an extra paragraph before and after the bibliography)

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As you suggest, I moved the the reference. After moving they are no longer interactive (which is when I update contents in Endnote program and the change is applied to reference list) .

How can I move the location with keeping interactive fuction?

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I suspect, that you need to make sure that your cut and paste functions in Word retain the formating after pasting and don’t convert to plain text… what version of word are you using?  – after pasting, check the little clipboardy thing that pops up and look at your options.  One of them should retain the “field” information.  – You can also make this “default” somehow, although it differs for different versions of word, and I could probably only lead your thru the setting on word 2010 (by searching for help on where those settings are, etc).  

Hi! In response to the person who had trouble maintaining the links between in-text citations and the bibliography: cut and paste the bibliography, pasting with the option to keep the formatting (right click > Paste Special > Formatted Text). But that’s not enough; after the paste, the links are not maintained. (For me, selecting an in-text citation would send me to where the bibliography *used* to be.) So then, go up to the Tools Menu in Word > Endnote > Update Citations and Bibliography. That should reintroduce the correct links. That’s what worked for me as a Mac user writing in Word and using Endnote X6. Hope that helps!