Bibliography does not show up in Word

Dear all,

I encountered the following problem:

I updated my bibliography in word, then 10 references disappeared from the list. By updating it again, the entire list disappeared and I just do not understand why. The references are still mentioned within the text but the bibliography is gone. I have tried different styles (Vancouver, APA) without success. I have not changed any settings so I cannot associate it with anything. I have searched for a solution in Google but I could not find anything.

I would highly appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance,


We do have styles that do not produce a bibliography but the ones mentioned Vancouver and APA are styles that should by default produce a bibliography.

When switching styles from Vancouver to APA the citations in the body should have changed from numbers to author year citations.

If that did not happen then the field codes in your document might have been removed.

Please see the following website about a document that no longer has field codes:

If the document does have field codes then please contact Technical Support directly:

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or