Accidental deletion of bibliography in word


For some reason my bibliography at the bottom of my word document has disappeared. I have tried to fix this by changing the in-text citations to ‘unformatted citations’ and then pressing update/configure bibliography. It updates the citations but the bibliography doesn’t appear.

Any help on how to get the bibliography back?

I am using Endnote desktop on a Mac, and reference style is vancouver.

Many thanks


Hello Charolotte,

Try changing the Style in the document to something else, like Author-Date and then back to Vancouver again:

Be sure to look at the very last page of the document and after any appendices.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your quick reply. I have done what you suggested but the bibliography is still not present. I have checked the whole document and can’t find it.

Any other advice?

Many thanks


Hello Charlotte,

It is difficult to tell without seeing the document. If you can share your document with Technical Support, this can be investigated further:

if nothing else then perhaps reseting the word settings to default and/or reinstalling the endnote software package may help.