No bibliography, article titles showing up in citations?!

I don’t know if there is something wrong with my Endnote, as last time I used it this wasn’t happening and everything was fine.  Now though, I have two major issues:

  1. No bibliography is being compiled as I insert citations

  2. Citations now contain article titles eg - (AUTHOR, YEAR, TITLE) rather than (AUTHOR, YEAR)

Using APA, was 6th last time I used this but now that isn’t avaliable so I switched to APA 7th…could this be causing it?  It’s the only thing that has changed.

If you are using EndNote online with Word and you are seeing AUTHOR, YEAR, TITLE when adding a new citation then the Instant Formatting feature is off in your document.

Please see the following Knowledge Base article on our website for how to turn it back on.