Bibliography entry not in in-text citations.

This may seem to be a minor problem but it is giving me palpitations. I have a bibliographic entry in my references yet I cannot find the citation in the body of the text. Endnote 5 had links to the in-text citations. This went away with endnote 6. Now I have a ghost entry that I can’t seem to locate. Seems the last resort is simply to remove the reference from the library which I am reluctant to do at this point. Any ideas?



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hhaha… nice bro

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yes, you can make a copy of the document.  

On the copy – convert citations to temporary or unformatted citations

then search for the first author name.  the phantom should show up in a temporary citation, delete it.  update or turn formating back on.  

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After coying the document with unformatted citations it was not showing.