End Note in text citation

Would be grateful for some help.

My End note in text citation is appearing like this.

{APA, 2013 #185

Any ideas how to fix this? Also it doesn’t link to the reference list.

The format of your citation is known as “temporary citations” and appears when Endnote’s “Instant Formatting” is turned off (intentionally or accidentally). The temporary citations display just the author name, year, and Endnote record number (which is a unique number assigned to each record entered into Endnote) and omit generating a bibliography.

To turn on Instant formatting go to the Endnote X7 section in the MS Word ribbon just below the “Categorize References” click the pull down menu to select “Instant Formatting is on”. The formatted in-text citations and references should be automatically generated but if not click the “Update Citations and Bibliography” command.