Bibliography Extra Spaces After (Or Within) Some References


I am having trouble with my endnote bibliography. Everthing is formatted how I would like, except every now and then, I get an extra space between one bibliographic entry and then next (see attached picture 1) and I don’t know how to remove these. 

In addition, I am getting some weird spaces within some of my ciations, as well (see attached picture 2- please note this picture is of a single ciation)- like two lines of the reference will be fine, and then content of the reference will stop and continue on another line, or will indent.

Does anyone have suggestions of what I should do to fix these issues? Thank you!


I suspect that the records in question have carriage returns in the inserted field.  

Is that a notes field in the square brakets?  It looks like it has three items followed by carriage returns. 

Clinical Trial

Randomized Controlled Trial

Research Support, U.S. Gov’t, P.H.S.

What output style are you using?  

This is also common with the doi field (having two lines), which could account for extra line after a citation.