Blank lines in bibliography

Some of my bibliographies have blank lines between some of the entries. If I delete these, they reappear. There don’t seem to be any extraneous line breaks in the references themselves. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

I am using X1 with Vista.

 Does it happen with other styles?   

Please attach your the style.

I haven’t noticed it with other styles, but I tend tto use this one as a standard working style. Also, it happens only in some files, not all, even with the same style. I wo dered if there was something in one of the empty fields of some records doing it, but I can’t see any extraneous codes or characters.

I am attachingthe style file that I am using. I have been using this style for many years with numerous different versions of Endnote.

Sociology J Brit Soc Assn.ens (10.8 KB)

The edited book had a paragraph (superscripted?)  I suspect that was the problem?  Was it always edited books that showed the extra line? 

Sociology%20J%20Brit%20Soc%20Assn[corrected].ens (8.72 KB)

Excellent! Many thanks - I should have spotted it. That is exactly the problem.

Hello to both of you,

I have the same problem. Could you explaine how you solved it?

Thank you

If you would attach your current style, it would make it easier to investigate.