bibliography listing all authors of journal article

Hi there, 

I’d love some help with this please…

I’m using X9 on MacBook with APA 7th. I’ve worked out how to make quite a few adjustments but this one is totally alluding me! 

I have a journal article with 55 authors. In the bibliography APA 7th should cut this to 20 authors all together (19 authors … last author) but it’s including them ALL in the bibliography. 

I’ve tried changing this manually in ‘edit citation’ in EN but it doesn’t change the document. I’ve looked at trying to change ‘Edit’ - ‘Output styles’ - then editing APA 7th but I can’t see a correct option to change to.

Any suggestions on how to fix this greatly appreciated!!

We have this information on our website.

Please note the following limitations of the style:

EndNote does not currently support: If 20 or more authors, list the first 19, followed by , … <last author>

Once you have completed the document you can use the option to Convert to Plain text then you could edit the Bibliography to fix any of the references which have more than 20 authors manually.