Change "If eight or more authors" to "If 21 or more authors" in Endnote

I have a reference with 25 authors. APA 7th edition guideline says that in the bibliography the names of the first 18 authors should appear, followed by '. . . , ’ and then the name of the last author. How can I achieve this in Endnote?

I know about the option in Endnote “If eight or more authors, list the first six authors, insert …, and add the last author’s name”.

This is what I need, but then with 21 instead of 8. How can I change this?

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

I would call cust service to point out the change of requirement in APA 7th from 6th.  I doubt there is a workaround other than manual correction as the last step before submission, unless they have modified it as a part of Endnote 20 which I haven’t moved to.  

It indeed seems like it hasnt been updated to APA 7th guidelines. Thank you for your response, I will contact cust service about it.

How do you adjust references manually in the bibliography in Word? I haven’t been able to figure that out. Thank you!

Once you are ready,

My reading of the APA 7th instructions are 

For more than 20 authors,  list the first 19, followed by an ellipses, then list the final author.

If you only have one with more than 20 authors, then it is pretty simple.  Take off the APA specific instruction in the output style (so you don’t get 8 or more with elipsies).  Leave it to show all authors. 

When you are ready to submit, you will make a new copy, and use the “convert to” plain text (Endnote should force you do make a new copy, and you want to do that, but I alway do it myself too, so if you need to go back to the original to make additional modifications, you would go back to the original with the endnote fields intact).  

Then just fix your one or two references in the bibliography on the version you will submit.  

So you don’t have to count every cited paper’s numbers of authors, then you might want to make a second plain text version where you modify another output style to list the first 19 and et al, then find the et als and copy the last author (easiest from the another bibliography showing all the authors) and replace the et al with the elipsies and the last author. 

Again always retain a version of the manuscript in a safe place, with the endnote fields intact for any revision you may need to do.   Don’t do any editing on the one with the manipulated bibliography, that you would need to transfer into your “working copy” later.