Big Sur (11.1) and Endnote X9.3.3: unable to load Endnote CWYW into Ribbon. Is there a way?

I have two machines both running identical software versions: one works, the other won’t load the Endnote CWYW ribbon icons, which means that I cannot run Endnote at all in Word 2016 (latest).

In the working machine, I see that the CWYW .dotm and the CWYW .bundle are both checked in Templates and Add-ins. In the other machine, .dotm file does not show and the .bundle does but checking fails to stick on reloading. Also, if EN is running WOrd crashes on opening. If Word is opened first, endnote second, no crash occurs. But that’s probably because Word is looking for one or both of these files and not managing to do so.

The EN bundle is in the correct start-up folder. 

Has anyone had this experience and found a solution? Thanks.

I just noticed what may be the problem:

/Applications/EndNote X9/Cite While You Write/EndNote CWYW Word 2008.bundle/Contents/Frameworks/PreferencesProxy.framework/Versions/A/Resources /

The helperapp is barred as not operational for Big Sur. It must be a 32-bit app, that’s why. Not sure if that is why I can’t load it here but can on another machine.

I am including this in case EndNote tech support can read this information. Will try to submit a request on their site. 

Uninstalling and reinstalling Word did the trick for a session only .EN ran fine in Word, then after closing word again and restarting it failed. Clearly a bug or incompatibility issue in EN or in Word or both. Let’s hope this can be fixed soon.

(My second machine is not experiencing the problem still.)