CWYW in Endnote X7 on Mac Word 15.41 not working


CWYW in Endnote X7 on Mac Word 15.41 (Mac OS 10.11.6) is not working for me. I get the following (apparently common) error: 

"Word was unable to load an add-in  Your add-in isn’t compatible with this version of Word. Please contact the add-in provider for an update. (EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle)" 

This bundle is listed under Tools>Templates and Add-Ins (both …Word 2016.dotm and …Word 2016.bundle are listed). 

The files are in my Endnote Folders and in Library/Application Support/MIcrosoft/… tree. Apparently this bundle isn’t compatible. Can you tell me either (a) which bundle is compatible, or (b) what I need to do to Word to make it compatible? The instructions I have found are not helpful. I don’t actually know whether Word 15.41 is Word 2016, but I guess it is. 


 - Peter

Did you check out this support article?

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I went through everything here with no luck. The only thing I haven’t tried is removing Word and EndNote and starting again. 

This happens ALL the time (seemingly whenever Word and Endnote change versions). It is really unacceptable, on the part of BOTH MSWord and Endnote, to have this behaviour. The two manufacturers MUST put their heads together to come up with a way for this NOT to happen and not force users to root around in their configuration/Library/etc folders. 

I guess that’s what I have to do…remove and reinstall everything? Horrible horrible horrible :(. 

I would call tech support.  It doesn’t usually take a reinstallation, but I work on windows.  if program folder names change in word, this will often result in the endnote files not being in the right place, and reinstallation or updating the installaion of endnote, or moving the files usually works, as long as the two programs remain compatible.  (I am just a user). 

Which Tech Support? EndNote? MS Word? My local tech support (they are unfortunately not helpful with such details)? 

Thanks again. – click on support and chat or submit an inquiry to them.