Bind settings for "display fields" and "Reference types" to individual library?

hello folks

i work with very different kinds of data in EN and keep them in different libraries. To find my way around each library I need to see different fields. But the “display fields” preferences  are the same across my libraries, which is really inconvenient.

I’ve looked in the forums, and other people have posed this question over the years, but so far I’ve seen no answer.

help please?


Display field is not customized for individual library. Sorry, no help. But whould you like to request to Thomson to consider for future upgrade?

I think EN display is the area Thomson can improve. For example, I want to have drop-down menu to change display field easily, instead of going through preference. I want to edit the field data in the reference list pane, without opening the record (like entering data into Excel). I want another preview pane showing contents of record or PDF full text for the selected reference in the list pane.

thanks–too bad about this–i like your ideas too–this should DEFINITIELY be part of upgrade thinking