Library-specific display field settings according to default reference type


I have two libraries A and B. The default reference type of A is “Journal Article” the one of B is “Abschlussarbeiten” which a custom reftype with 6 fields. The problem is now that the “display fields” in “Edit-Preferences” apply to ALL libraries (is a global setting) which is very bad, because in library A I want to display fields different from those in library B. Changing this setting everytime in case of changing the library is - at least - tedious.

Is there a way to save the display fileds setting individually for each library? Would be an extremely valuable feature! And not too difficult to achieve, I think…

Michael (Endnote enthusiast)

I agree that custmization of display by library and also group would be helpful.  I would also ask that the number of fields in the display be increased from the present ten to something larger, maybe fifteen.  This makes sorting large libraries easier.

Also, can we get a sort function that works on multiple fields as in “Sort articles in alphabetical order by author within year published”.  Again, for large libraries sorting on a single column heading becomes increasingly less useful as the number of references increases.

You can sort on up to 5 of the fields.  The option is in Tools>Sort Library.

I am resurrecting this thread to support the idea of customizing display fields based on individual libraries.

Changing Display Fields from Preference impact on all the libraries displayed. That’s often inconvenient.

Thank you!!

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Hi - did anyone come up with an answer to this query i.e. Library-specific field settings? It seems an obvious requirement but EndNote X9 still has only global settings applicable to all libraries.