Citing a Specific Chapter of a Book in a Footnote for Chicago Style 17th ed

Does anyone have tips for how to cite in a footnote a specific chapter of a book you have already created a reference for in Endnote?

I find that I have to make a separate reference entry in order to cite the specific chapter of the book. For example, if I want to cite the entire book as well as a specific chapter of the book (let’s say chapter five), I currently would create an entry for the book and then, create another entry for chapter five.

I would love to find a way to have one reference entry and just cite specific chapters in the footnote. I am imagining something akin to how you can cite specific page numbers in footnotes. I tried adding the chapter title as a prefix, but then, the chapter title comes before the author’s name.

Just discovered there are a whole load of EndNote 20 training videos on YouTube
Over 60 of them on EndNote 20

Worth a browse as I suspect the answer you are looking for is in there?

This is a question that often arises, but Endnote isn’t really a “relational” database that could pull repeated information from one record to reference in a second reference.

The easiest way is to get the book or edited book (I use library of congress or a university connection). Then in library view, copy the book record (control C) and paste it into the library view (control V) and open it and change the ref type at the top to Book Section. Move the title that is there to book title, and (possibly author to editor field, if it is an edited book rather than chapters of a book by a single author) and now add the remaining fields you will need (title of chapter, authors, page numbers, etc). Once you have done this for the first chapter, you will close it and repeat the copy process from the new book chapter and paste and open to change the title, authors and page numbers for any remaining chapters you want to cite.

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Thanks, but unfortunately none of them seemed to answer this problem.

This is basically what I have been doing. Good to know there isn’t a simpler way. Thanks!