Copying an edited book reference as a basis for a book section

I have made numerous referencesbased on Edited Books. Now when I want to make a new reference for a book section within that boo, how do I do it? I can copy the edited book reference, but when I go into that it does not provide the fields for a book section such as Author, Article/section Title, Page numbers. This is such a common situation that there must be an easier way of doing this than entering the book infop all over again.

Actually I did not enter the oreginal book as edited book but as book, so first I have to go into the referenvce and change reference type: BOOK to EDITED BOOK. How do I do that?

There are actually many reference types and they are available at the top when you open the reference (reference type).  You can change the book to edited book - you can make a copy of that (select record in library view, and ctrl+C ctrl+v) and then change it to the  book section ref type – but you will need to move the book title from the field now for chapter title  and editors from the now author field to the editor field, then enter the title and authors of the chapter and add page numbers.  – If you need to do more than one chapter from the same book, then copy this new entry as above, and then change the title, authors and page numbers).   

OK I do contrt C contrl V to duplicate the book reference. However, when I open it up and change reference type to Book Section, the additional fields do not appear, so that I can, for example, add the chapter name. I must be doing something wrong.

Your not doing anything wrong, but you need to “show empty fields”  There are some little gears in the upper right hand corner of the open record.  Click on that and make sure “show empty fields” is selected.  see image (although I can’t capture the drop-down.