Borrowing a laptop with a different version of Endnote

I’m using Endnote X.0.2 and Word 2007.  I currently use a version that the university provides when on site and a version I bought when at home.

The university has upgraded to Endnote X2 and shortly I want to borrow a laptop to do some work while away from campus/home.  The laptop will have X2 installed.

If I use the laptop to update documents, including cite while you write (I have my endnote library and documents on a stick but would probably place them temporarily in a folder on the laptop) will it work?

Also, when I get home… will it go back to working on the old version?

I’m close to finishing my project and don’t really want to upgrade both from a finance and taking-time-to-learn new kit point of view.

Many thanks

 In theory, the two are compatible and  It should be okay, but I highly recommend that you transfer the document back and forth in the unformatted state and maybe even work with CWYW off in both systems.  That way, there is no chance of corruption occurring.