endnote x backward compatible with 8?

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forgive me if this is obvious, I couldnt find any in formation anywhere really.

I have Endnote 8 at work, and I keep my library on my server. I would like to be able to access my library through my laptop at home and was considering purchasing endnote for my laptop, but I have to get X (10?) the latest one I think.

If I do that, will I be able to go back and forth using X sometimes from my laptop and 8 sometimes from work, without having to have different library files? That is, when I start up 10, is it going to “upgrade” my 8 file so that it can no longer be opened in 8?

They will not upgrade my 8 for me at work. I guess the other option is to try to find version 8 somewhere to purchase.


You will have to check with Thomson, but I would check whether their licensing agreement might allow you to have the program installed on a desktop and a laptop, if you were the only user of the program on those two platforms (assuming work will allow you to upgrade your own computer).  The current version is actually X2 (=12) and it is a much better program than 8 which was very buggy. 

But the much shorter answer to your question, is that the two libraries should be compatible, although once you use X2 you will never want to go back. 

 Another consideration is what word processor you are using.  There can be cross compatiblity issues between versions of word and formated citations.  To avoid those, I would keep CWYW off and only format the documents periodically and make sure you transfer/work on   an unformated versionwhen moving the document from one computer to other. 

thanks leanne.

unfortunately my work will NOT allow me to purchase X2 and then install it on my work machine.  they will not allow any program that was purchased with my own funds to be installed… :frowning:

I have been eyeing X2 and it looks like it is far far better… 

does CWYW work with the 2007 version of word?

Yes, at least my CWYW in X2 works with my Word 2003 and 2007 as well.

As far as upgrade goes, I agree with leanne and version 8 was the biggest problme I ever had with Endnote.

But I understand because the database structure was totally changed from text-based to binary structure.

Version 8 was in some sense, experimental version.

Version 9 and 10 was stable, but X1 was not, because I saw some memory fragmentation problems and crash.

X2 is better than X1, but has some problems in user interface, like automatic entry from online search.

Unless you find version 9 from somewhere, the only option left is to upgrade the one at work to X2, and get the same version personally for your laptop. Sorry, if it wasn’t helpful.

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