Both EndNote and RefMan tabs in Word 2007


As a support person here at our university I need to have access both to EndNote and RefMan in Word. In Word 2003 I now have toolbars for both available, but trying the same with another computer with Word 2007 Iā€™m only getting one of the tabs (installing ReMan kicked EndNote out of Word and repairing EndNote kicked RefMan out).

Does anyone know if it is possible to have tabs for both in Word 2007 and how to accomplish this?



Jan Ove

Greetings Jan,

An update for Reference Manager 12 allows both tabs to exist in Word at the same time:

Please let me know if this works for you.

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Thanks a lot! Now I have both tabs.

Best wishes

Jan Ove

while installing refman, it has thrown out endnote.

So it is not visible any more at the top in word.

How can I re-introduce it in the bars at the top?

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I have refman 12 and endnote 771, and refman has thrown out the endnote at the top bar.

how can i re-entroduce this bar with the link to endnote?