Bring Back a Reference Manger feature to EndNote - linking PMID to browser launch and search browser version of NML database


I called EndNote technical support and apparantly this feautre used to exist in Reference Manager but it does not exist in EndNote.

The PMID is stored as the accession number tag of EndNote

URLs in pubmed are not considered static.

Therefore, what I want is an ability to have EndNote automatically link to Pubmed’s single citation matcher feautre, automatically insert the PMID, and then find the non-static URL of the Pubmed page with the abstract.  (

The reason why this is superior is that pubmed finds other relevant articles or updated versions of guidelines in the right side navigation panel and under the abstract.

Please post if you would like this feature.

Please post if you remember how this feature used to work in Reference Manager.

Thank you

No one else wants to have EndNote pull up the Pubmed page?