Bring back the toolbar at the top

The new user interface is anything but user friendly. It needs navigating in menu and submenu to get anything done, truly annoying.

Bring back the toolbar with all the buttons to insert selected citation, search online,… everything!!

This is really not an improvement at all…

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There are many choices made with EndNote 20 that I do not understand.

  • Removing the button is on of them
  • The color/icon choices for the smart groups, groups from group, they are barely differentiated
  • Emailing a reference is more cumbersome
  • It seems that EndNote 20 no longer creates a visible temporary folder when updating references in a Word document

The only added option I like is that EndNote 20 now shows other file types than PDFs.  

It seems that they wanted to break from EndNote X, but by doing so, they have thrown out many options that users liked.