EndNote 20 - suggestions

Hello, I was just switched to EndNote 20, and I have many questions. I’ll limit myself to the 4 major issues I see right now: 

  1. Unread/Read status - This no longer changes the appearance of the record (bold/not bold). 

  2. Show/Hide References - This appears to be gone. 

  3. Before, I could see as many as 30 records on the screen at one time. Now, I can barely see 11. The smallest font option ups that to 15. But because the search bar(s) and the toolbar are enormous now, and the sidebar can’t be made smaller, so much of the screen is eaten up with things that aren’t EndNote records. 

  4. A number of options in the menus have moved around arbitrarily, such as Find Duplicates and


I’m a heavy EndNote user, and I am aghast at the loss of functionality this represents. I understand menu shuffling happens, although it seems useless and counterproductive.

I have serious concerns that A) I can see less of the records because of the bizarrely disproportionate interface, B) there is no longer any real visual difference between read/unread records (this makes manual duplicate checks about 20 times harder, especially since I can see less of the record on the screen), and C) I no longer have the ability to show and hide records, which was a huge component of my workflow for a number of use cases. 

Edit: A few more comments.

  1. All Layout options are gone. 

  2. PDF preview is gone. 

  3. Citation preview is gone. 

  4. Change case as a tool for individual records is gone. 

  5. In the Reference pane itself, everything is center-justified. I cannot possibly understand this. 

  6. Between #9 and the bloated line spacing, individual references are much harder to read. 

  7. The default view when opening a reference is “Summary” rather than Edit. Awful. 

  8. The toolbar with the “Add new reference,” etc. buttons is WAY too big. 


> 1. Unread/Read status - This no longer changes the appearance of the record (bold/not bold). 


At least this one is just disabled by default and can be reënabled in the preferences in EN20 as was possible in ENX9.

Please let the “Insert Citation“ button come back into EndNote 20.