Broken library between EndNote 20 and X9

Hello everyone, 

I upgraded to EndNote 20 earlier in the year while working from home. X9 on an Intel Mac OS Mojave had become completely unstable, frequent crashing.

Then, I had to go back to my office which uses X9 on Windows. I imported my newer EN20 library’s PDF folder into my older X9 library and since then, I can no longer open and use this library. I cannot open it using EN20. I cannot re-import it into a fresh library in EN20. I cannot recover it using the recovery function. I cannot convert it. Nothing works. The library file is not on any cloud server. 

What should I do to recover my library? I think this is an outrageous malfunction for a product as expensive as EndNote. 

did you upgrade X9 to X9.3 ?  But if you tried to open the converted library with preX9.3 version and ignored the warning, it is trashed.  

Hi, yes, both times it was EndNote X9.3.

I suspect you need Endnote support’s help then.  I am not exactly sure what you mean that you imported the 20 PDF folder into the X9 though.  I don’t think you can just do that in a database structure.