enlp libraries won't open after ugrade to 9.3.1

Hi there, 

I have upgraded to 9.3.1 from a previous version of X9 yesterday. I can open libraries with the enl extension without problems. When I attempt to open a enlp file, I get the following error messages:

Could not convert the library “Piqray.enlp” to the latest format.

followed by

This library is currently being used by someone else.  Try opening it again later.

Can anyone help me please!



Same problem. Will take loads of work to rebuild it, if a workaround can’t be provided. I don’t have access to downloading an earlier version, as my institution has only 9.3.1 available for download now for Mac.

Unpack the enlp file on a Windows computer (it open it into the enl-file and the datafolder) and open the library in EndNote here. Then make an compressed library (.enlx) and open this on the Mac. This solution worked for one of my users.

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Jan Ove

Just navigate to the library in finder, right click the .enlp file, show package contents, open the .enl file, convert, save.

Hope these steps help for Mac (I have just conquered this struggling moment):

  1. Restart the computer

  2. I got this method from.trouble shooting CWMY: Go into Apple menu, click system preferences, click security&privacy, click provacy tab, click.automation, click microsoft word and endnote x

  3. Open the Ms.Word

  4. Go to Endnote

  5. Open library the sync all. (Mine took 3 mnts to sync)

Note: I have been using EndNote Windows  since 2010. However, since I have been switching to Mac then my EndNote sometimes encounters some problems.

Thanks to EndNote Customer Support who always assist me to overcome my desperate situation with the EndNote for Mac.