Bug: X4 / Word 2010 / CWYW / Track changes / Show Markup

Recently upgraded to both Endnote X4 and Word 2010 (both of which I like), but there is one problem that has been driving me batty.

I’m working with a long document with track changes on.  Display mode is set to final showing markup.  There are a lot of Endnote citations in the document.

This issue is that every time CWYW scans the document, the vertical scroll position of the document shifts by anywhere from a couple lines to half or so of the vertical screen space! This is extremely distracting while reading!! 

I’m sure this issue is related to CWYW scanning because if I go into Endnote preference and uncheck the option (under instant formatting) to scan for temporary changes every 30 seconds, then the screen position will stop jumping every 30 seconds; however it will still shift each time I manually update the bibliography or insert a new reference.

**This does not happen if display mode is set to ‘Final’, and instead only happens when showing markup.**

Still, it’s useful to see the markup, so I hope Thomson Reuters and the Endnote team can make a speedy fix for this.



Have you tried turning off the new hyperlink feature.  I understand that doesn’t play nice with tracked changes.  You turn it off in the format paper dialog, a checkbox at the bottom of the first tab.  See if that helps.  If you want them hyperlinked, just do that on the final version after you accept and turn off the tracked changes. 

Good suggestion, but it doesn’t look like that is it.  If enabled, the CWYW scan every 30 seconds still causes a jump in text position whether the new hyperlink feature is on or off… Although when using Word the only place I can find to toggle this is in the format bibliography dialog (opened by clicking on the little arrow at the bottom of the bibliography group in the Endnote ribbon). 

I also tried showing various types of markup, instead of all markup…  the problem still occurs if showing ‘insertions and deletions’ only, although granted, this is the majority of the in-line markup.

Other suggestions welcome, although still hoping for an official fix.

BTW… In doing this I did notice that when using X4 in Word with track changes on, the track changes feature of Word no longer registers insertions and deletions completed automatically by Endnote when a bibliography is updated.  This is actually a big improvement, that I really like a lot.  I used to specifically avoid letting Endnote update the bibliography with track changes on.  However, I wonder if changes here are somehow related to the bug reported above?


One more question - did you update to 4.0.1?  (if windows) I think turning off the hyperlink didnt undo hyperlinked refs in 4.0. 

I had already updated to 4.01 before my initial observation of this problem… so not that either, but thanks again. 



NB! EndNote now warns users with Word 2010 aginst downloading the X4.0.1 patch:


They state that a separate update will be made available for Word 2010 later.

Best wishes

Jan Ove