Word switching to Draft view when Endnote enabled with tracked changes

There appears to be a bug in the Endnote software (X4,X5,X6 to my knowledge) that causes Word (2010, possibly 2007 as well) to switch the document to draft view from print view when editing documents with tracked changes.

This appears to happen when scanning for temporary citations because reducing the frequency of scans reduces this issue and disabling the CWYW plugin stops the problem.

It most often happens when the document has been idle for a few seconds and causes a horizontal viewing pane to appear at the bottom of the screen.

I have duplicated this problem on Win XP (latest patches/SPs), Endnote X5 ,X5, X6, Word 2010

It also appears to happen when “enable instant formatting” is unchecked in the document Endnote preferences. I know because I have done this due to the buggy copy/paste problems described on this message board here: http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-General/X5-CWYW-Causing-Word-2010-to-Freeze/td-p/27835

Further info can be found on the following two Microsoft support threads



TR, please can you put some effort into resolving these very annoying bugs in your software, which persist version after version. I don’t like being a beta tester.


YES - Please fix this bug!  After Word flips to draft view and I change it back, Word goes to the first page of the document.  This is unworkable in a long document.  I write for a living but avoid using EndNote in any document unless forced to do so.  Until this bug is fixed, I would not recommend EndNote to a client.

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This bug still appears to be unresolved, is VERY frustrating and disruptive, and is experienced by everone in my office.

Is there some user setting that can stop this from happening? Or are attempts being made by TR to fix this?

Please let us know if there is some progress!


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This is totally unworkable for a long document and wastes enormous amounts of otherwise productive time. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG or hire new managers or developers who actually pay attention to required bugfixes.

This bug is still not fixed and wastes an enormous amount of otherwise productive time, especially when dealing with a large document (reasons have been stated above by other users). PLEASE fix this bug.

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This bug is still around and very annoying. I use a fresh installed version of Word 2013 and experience the same trouble. Microsoft and TR website have so far not given me any solution. Please Fix!

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This bug sees to be still around. Extremely annoying, present in ENDNOTE X5 with word 2013 on Windows 8.1 x86 pro edition. 

Is there any feedback on this? 

When I tried with EndnoteX7.2.1 and Word 2010 (ver 14.0.7150.5002 (32-bit) on Win7 and could not trigger this issue.