BUG: X4 removes tracking in Word-2010 document upon "Update Citation and Bibliography"

I have Endnote X4.0.2 (build 5149) installed on Windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2010.

I had a document that had already a bunch of citations formatted. Then, using “track changes”, a bunch of changes was made. Then tracking was switched off, and additional editing was done.

Upon inserting 2 new references from the Endnote library and clicking on ""Update Citation and Bibliography", I found that all tracking information is lost (!)

I am not sure if X5 fixes that, but I am not going to switch to that version while completing a grant proposal


Havent seen this kind of behavior. If you have somehow managed to really wipe the fields, I am not sure how we other users can help.  I don’t see why the senario you described should have had that effect.   

My suggestion is to unformat a copy of backup and a copy of your courrpted manuscript,  to curly brackets, accept tracked changes and turn them off, and then to compare the backup with the current version and reject ref changes so the  the curly bracketed refs are retained and accept all the other changes… I too woulo avoid changing horses in midstream.