[EndNoteX2] Is order of the displayed fields adjustable?

Dear all EN experts:

Would appreciate if anyone could help novice with the following questions (please refer to my attachment as well).

Q1: When I open up each reference file, is there anyway to re-order the fields displayed? For example, I would really like to move the ‘attachment’ field in front of the default ‘author’ field, so that I would instantly know if I do keep that reference file in my database or not. 

Q2: Pertaining to Q1, I wouldn’t use some fields (e.g. ‘legal note’, ‘reprint edition’,…etc.) at all and would want them to disappear from my regular browsing of each reference entry.  Can this be done?

Many thanks in advance!!   

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No, with current X2. I can’t remember which version was , but it used to be possible, by manipulating reference type.


Yes, go to preferences >reference types >modify reference types. Remove field you don’t want to dispaly.