Can I retrieve an edited output style from a compressed library?

Hi All,

I wrote my PhD thesis  ages ago with Endnote 7. I compressed the library into an ENLX format. I now need to publish it (yes, I know!), and I need to add references to it to update one of the chapters. 

I was using an edited output style. I added my references to my new document, but when I tried to format and update, Endnote (X7) was saying it could not find my style. 

Ok so I looked into my Styles folders but obviously as it is a clean install of X7, my edited output style is not there. My question is: is there a way for me to extract it somehow from my compressed library? 

I would have thought I would have saved my style somewhere but no I cannot find it anymore :(. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


Unfortunately, no, output styles are not compressed with the library.  where do you want to publish it?  You shouldn’t need your edited thesis style, but should find the appropriate style now, to conform with the publication’s author’s guildlines?  

Yes I have re checked what the publishing house sent and it is different anyway! I was about to post then I saw you had alreay answered!!!

I’m amazed at the fact that you are still around and helping. Thank you so much for this I really appreciate this. 

Yes still around.  I probably should put this as a job on my CV! :wink: