Can NOT download Full text from Journal "Environmental Science and Technology" (ES&T)

I am a new user of Endnote X2. The full text download option is extremely helpful.

However, I can not download any article from journal ES&T, though our university IP has access to the full text document, which I can download through IE or Firefox. This is only for ES&T and other journal works perfectly.

Does anyone have a similar problem?

Help please. Thanks.

I’ve seen sporadic incompatibility with the full-text download function. Not all the websites work in the same way, and it seems like some journal sites simply resist to work with endnote.

But do let them know about specific examples.  They do try to work with the publishers to improve the interface.  I believe you can do this most efficiently thru their suggestions interface on the website.

We use Endnote X3 at our institution and I found a general problem with the Full text option. This is not available, because I cannot enter an Open Url. It is not necessary, because access is IP adress based.

Is there any work around for this matter? We have some inquiries for this problem.

Thank you!


There are guidelines for maximizing the accuracy of the EndNote Find Full Text functionality here:

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

We just did some internal tests of EndNote Find Full Text and the journal “Environmental Science and Technology” and all of the sample records we tried found the associated full text PDFs without issue. We downloaded some records directly from ACS and some from Web of Science.

I recommend that you review the Find Full Text tip sheet linked on this thread - being sure that your authentication and other options are all correctly set - and then re-try Find Full Text.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team