Can unsaved Word or Excel file be recovered on Mac?

1.  Recover unsaved Word document
Use Auto Recovery copy after you restart Word or the Mac. This is a way to recover the lost Word documents, up to the point of Word's last automatic save. The steps like this: Enter "Auto Recovery"→ Locate all the files that start with the words "Auto Recovery save of" and select the file you want from the list of files→Click on the file and drag it out of the search window, close the Finder Window→Double-click the file to launch and open it in Microsoft Word for Mac → Save it.
2.  Recover deleted Word document
Microsoft currently does not provide utilities for recovering Word documents which have been deleted, or emptied from the trash bin, and formatted. However, the Mac bought after Nov, 2007 has a backup utility- Time Machine. It can back up your files every hour. So you can recover your deleted Word document if the backup is available. If you still cannot recover your Word doc with the above methods, you can use some third-party utilities- Mac file rescue software. The software available on the Internet such as uFlysoft Data Recovery can recover deleted, formatted, lost and inaccessible Word doc from Mac, USB drive, external drive and other storage media.
3.  Recover corrupted Word document
The method to recover corrupted Word document depends on the type and severity of the corruption and the type of behavior that is exhibited. Although many of these methods succeed regularly, not every corrupted document can be recovered.
For the Word document that can be opened in Word for Mac
If you can open the Word document in Word for Mac, use one of the following methods.
Method 1:  Convert the Word document to another Format
Method 2:  Copy everything except the last paragraph mark to a new document
Method 3:  Copy the undamaged parts of the File to a New File
For the Word doc that cannot be opened in Word for Mac
If you cannot open the file in Word for Mac, use one of the following methods as appropriate.
Method 1:  Insert the file into a blank document
Method 2:  Use the paste link command to open the document with a Link
Method 3:  Open the file by using "Recover Text from Any File"
Method 4:  Open As Copy
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4.  Recover Word doc after Microsoft stops responding
After Microsoft Word for Mac stops responding or after you use the Force Quit command to end a Word for Mac session, you may only operate Word document rescue when you restart the program. Additionally, the documents that you recover do not contain the changes or additions that you made in your last Word for Mac session.
If the common method to recover lost files still cannot help you, now you need to get to the information below:
"3-Step" to Process Word Recovery Mac:
1. Download uFlysoft software on your Mac first.
2. Select and scan the drive which your lost Word or Office files & other files were store before. (Or connect the storage device which you want to recover.)
3. Preview the found files after scanning (Only photos files can be previewed) and click ‘Recovery’, choose the path to save the recovered Word documents.