How to recover overwritten library?

Dear all…

by mistake I have overwritten the existing library with the same name (empty library).

Is there any method to recover my old library?

I have search along via google but i could find …

Many thanks …

Even data recovery software (and service) aren’t able to restore overwritten files. Sorry, you lost it. It is a good lesson digital files can be easily lost in a blink. From this time, please make sure backing up your data regularly.


Recoverying the overwriteen library can use the h-data recovery software of free downloading which is very useful and can solve all kind of type information .

Now the electronic age, we use the word file everyday! We always use the word document to organize all kinds of information content. But I did not know what the reason to lost the important word files after you save the document on your computer several days ago. The

recycle bin did not the trace of the missing. How should we do it? Is there a way to get the lost word file back again? Through many investigations, I decided to use the H-data recovery software. Through using the specialized and free download data recovery software to repair the damaged files, then report, to reach the purpose of  ultimate restoring  these lost and corrupted data . I think the H-data recovery software is a good tool, I believe that many office workers can use.


    Electronic library contains many types of file format, so I think you should choose a data  software  that can recover files in various formats. So as to effectively restore the library, do you think?

I think the data recovery is very good!

To restore a previous version of a file or folder that’s included in a library, right-click the file or folder in the location where it’s saved, rather than in the library. For example, to restore a previous version of a picture that’s included in the Pictures library but is stored in the My Pictures folder, right-click the My Pictures folder, and then click Restore previous versions.

It is about time that EndNote enhances its tool like MS Word where you can retrieve previous version of file. This is very important and EndNote can encash on this new tool.

I fully agree that EndNote should introduce recovery of previous version of the Library. It would be a feather on EndNote’s cape, if it does it.