Steps for Recovering Mac Formatted Hard Disk Drive Data

Step 1-Install the Software
Many users may have doubted at this beginning-I think to install data recovery for Mac software(uflysoft data recovery)  is just a piece of cake for me, why you need to list this in the first step of data recovery operation?-Actually, this step is very important. As we all know, Mac hard drive is different from Windows PC hard drive-it has no partition. In a simple explanation, Windows PC has these 'C: ', 'D: ', 'E: ', 'F: ', etc while Mac only got one. So this will make users store their files in one path. If users keep doing read/write process after data loss happens, the data overwritten will be easily caused. And once this situation has been caused, it will reduce the chance of data recovery, even worse, users will lose the chance to recover lost data. So when users are installing this software on their Mac, they need to follow all the steps which are offered by the software guidance but not choose the steps by their own. This point is very important and hopes users can pay more attention to it.
Step 2-Choose the Hard Drive/Storage Device to Scan
After installing the software, run it. Users will find that the hard drive or storage device they plug will be shown at the bottom of the software interface. At this moment, users can choose the hard drive/storage device which the lost files were stored before and move the mouse to click button 'Scan' to process deep scan operation.
Step 3-Preview and Recover
After scanning is finished, the software will show a list on the software left side which includes all of the found files. Users can choose one of them to preview (only photo files can be previewed). After making sure it is the file which needs to be recovered, users can tick the little box in front of the file to choose it, and then click button 'Recovery' to run the recovery operation. After a while, you will see the file is restored successfully.
Note: To avoid data overwritten situation, our software will remind users don't save the recovered data on the drive/storage device which the lost data were stored before. (and our software will not allow to do that operation.) So users need to use an external drive or other storage device which has enough space for storing the perform Mac hard drive file recovery.
Users can also see the video tutorial below to get the easy steps.