Cannot edit citation formatting in Endnote X9 in Word Mac 16.51


I’m using the CWYW plugin for Word Mac with Endnote X9 and currently cannot edit the citation formatting style. There is no drop-down menu to select the display format (Default, Author (Year), etc…)

Can someone shed some light on this?

The reason you do not see the option you are looking for is that in Word the tab for EndNote is set to EndNote online.

You can use the following steps from our website to switch back to the EndNote X9 tools and then the option will be available to you in Word.

Thanks for the quick reply TMartin!

Thanks for your reply, however the solution does not work as CWYW version 20.xxxx is not recognizing  Endnote X9.

I could not find a download link to the CWYW plugin which is compatible with X9. Can you please indicate where to download this plugin?