Cannot Import files (ver. X8)

Hi everyone,

I cannot import PDFs or .nbib files from Pubmed after I upgraded to ver. X8 on my new Sierra Mac, which was possible when I used X7 on El Capitan.

X8 wont’ recognize .nbib. Recently added shows blank.

If I try to import PDF, endnote freezes every time.

Also, endnote is extremely slow when I start. After 5min, it is still retrieving account info.

I have checked my X8 is the latest version and I have restarted mac for a few times.

There seems no problem with sync.

I hope someone can give me advice to this problem.

Thanks in advance.


I have solved this problem =)

File > Import > Options 

The default was “PDF file or folder,” however, when I have changed this to Pubmed (NLM) filter, nbib files are imported successfully !!

We need to installl the filter from website.