x7+mac 10.8.5; unable to import

I’ve been using endnote for a few years

recently migrated from x5->x7 (mac 10.8.5 intel chipset)

Occasionally, after heavy endnote use, the import system will become non-responsive (doesn’t freeze, just the action of importing doesn’t actually cause an import, or error, like a broken path?) - this would typically be resolved with full restart (as opposed to restarting the program alone). I had experienced this in both mac and windows environments

anyways, was using endnote, importing as per the norm, no changes to settings, when once more this occured. Again, restarted x 2, but now not functioning. I tried to update the PubMed import filter I use, no improvement. Unable to import with “import” nor with opening *.nbib filetypes.

Looking for any guidance on how to proceed from here…