Can't add references to groups from online search X6 for Mac

Hi all,

I’m using endnote X6 for Mac on OS 10.8.5.

When I find new references in online search, and right click on a reference to add it to a group, that option (and the option to create a custom group) is grayed out. I have no idea why this is. (I had initially set up a library on Endnote on another machine, synchronised the library to Endnoteweb, and then synchronised this new library on this new machine to the web library. I hadn’t experienced this problem on 2 other machines previously.)

I still have the option to copy a reference to a library, and then add it to a group from within a library, but I’m just starting a new Endnote library and if something’s been set up incorrectly I’d rather address it now before it becomes a major problem.

Many thanks for your advice.

PS Could this have anything to do with my one group being listed correctly on Endnoteweb, but coming up as an unfiled group when I synchronise it to the desktop version?