X8 Mac and Online Sync - 'My Groups' error


Despite excellent support from the ‘support guy’ I’m still having a problem and wondered if anyone else had it too. 

Even after repairing my Mac Endnote files and deleting References and Groups of the Web version every time I sync I get a stream of empty ‘My Groups’ being generated. They are empty and if the sync status is anything to go by is about 5000 strong. For the lie of me, I can’t see them online (even looking under groups) but they must be there somewhere!

I have even tried with an empty file on my Mac but as soon as I hit sync they try and download. I’ve done the purge the local sync status suggestion too trying to clear the issue i.e #!resetLocalSync.

Anyone any ideas please?


Hello Niall Dew,

Please continue to work with Technical Support this is an ongoing case that they are still working to help you resolve.