Can't link Word document to Endnote


I was writing up my thesis. I opened it in Google docs to edit there because I didn’t have my laptop on me at the time. I then saved it and over-wrote the old file (that had citations that were linked to Endnote), and now I can’t do anythign with the references. Not only have they been converted to text, but the Endnote ribbon in the word document is completely greyed out and unclickable. What should I do? 


Opening a word document in google docs, will strip/remove any Word fields which includes Endnote fields. Do you have any prior version? 

If so, MAKE A COPY, and “convert  citations and bibliography” to unformatted citations, and compare that to your stripped version making sure to first convert it back to a docx file.  Compare the two and then perform a tedious and accept/reject changes.   alternatively reenter all your citations.