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I have a document and everytime I try to put in a citation it works, but if I save and close the document any time I open it back up again the citation no longer reads as an endnote citation and now all I have is merely a (1) and nothing linked to it between my reference and the (1). What is going on here and is there a way I can get all those citations to link back to the references list without having to go through and manually import every single citation and what not. Please help me!

We need a bit more information on what you are seeing.  Operating system, versions of Endnote and word processor.  What do you mean by nothing linked? That they are not “endnote fields” anymore?  that it doesn’t go “grey” if you put your cursor in it, and Word “displays” fields as grey when selected in the options?   What if you “unformat citations”, do they revert to {Author, year #recno} (in which case they are still linked to your library and you will have to format bibliography to re-enable CWYW from the third tab). 

Are you looking for a hyperlink to the bibliography?  That is an option in the “format bibliography” dialog at the bottom of the first tab in ENX4, but this facility was only added in X4 and doesn’t exist in earlier versions. 


I got the file back from someone whom I asked to read it. When I got it back none of the citations were linked anymore. I would place my mouse over the (1) and no grey box would appear identifying that the reference was linked to endnote. I click on format bibliography and nothing appears at the bottom because endnote doesn’t detect any citations within the word document. If I change the formating style of Endnote withing Microsoft word nothing changes as well. As far as word is concerned I haven’t had an endnote citation placed in the word document at all.

Windows 7 Endnote x4



Well, they did something to remove the fields then. Do you have an earlier version, the one you sent to them?  If so, and they made additional changes, then you can unformat the refs in the old version and do a compare.  I can never remember which way around to open the first one and compare to the second one works best, but then it will mark the differences between the two and you will have to move to each difference and decide to keep your Endnote (which might be a reject the change) references and accept or reject their modifications.   I suggest that the next time, you share the unformatted version with them.