Can't use Endnote 9 right - can anyone share their own experience about these issues?

Apparently Endnote 9 has to get its bugs fixed.  I can’t get in - worked fine the first hour, but next time I loaded it, it told me it couldn’t open any of my files because they were corrupted - even though Endnote 8 had no problem editing the same enl files.   

I assume that this bug will be fixed, in the meantime, I assume I’ve used my trial period up, and I’d really appreciate it if someone could let me know if the new version has any of these features below - I could care less about the teaming and look of the menu, these are the things that have caused massive frustration, wasted time and physical pain.

So - please - can anyone tell me if Endnote 9 has any of these features that I really care about.  If it had only two of any of the above it would justify buying 9 - otherwise I may still go back to 7.

1.  Has version 9 stopped randomly changing the years when you import a cite?

Others have commented that they get straight 2015 cites - but mine are 2016.   I’ve talked to Pubmed, Elsevier, Taylor and Francis and and Sage - the sites I use most, and they all assure me this problem is not coming from them, they have nothing to do with it.

2.  Has version 9 become more usable - both w.r.t physical demands and effort required to fix problems?

Big one for me - has version 9 returned the feature we had in Endnote 9 that enables you to update individual fields in your existing cite without having to copy and paste the text in  afterwards?

Is it possible to do an automatic update where I can click a radio button on whether to update empty fields or replace cites?  Sometimes I have to go through 100 cites before I find the setting I need.

Can I get rid of the “configure sync” (upper menu) or the Preview options (vertical menu) - which I never use - and anyway am entirely unable to see when memory gets tight on my 64 GB RAM PC.  

3.  Is it easier to find duplicates, such as by searching for DOI dupes?

4.  Is it able to find duplicates when there are small differences such as these dashes?  –, —, -, -, –

5.  Have they gotten rid of those stupid vertical bars - which are REALLY difficult to find and move back and forth when Endnote progressively hogs RAM - in order to facilitate my ability to use it?

As above, I wasn’t able to get Ednote 9 to work.   And i don’t want to buy it to see if it better accommodates my disability.  So I’d really appreciate it if someone who has had better luck than me with using Endnote 9 could let me know if any of these features are improved.  My sense is that Endnote’s priorities are entirely different than mine.   I’ve consulted for the Dept. Justice, CDC, NIOSH, CPSC, etc on software and environmentable usability and I’m perplexed that these issues weren’t dealt with in the last version.  I’ve had two surgeries last year because of entirely preventable design features.

Best, Rani