Capitalization with repeated references in subsequent citations and subsequent works by the same author - ibid./Ibid.

Hello there,

I have a problem concerning the capitalization of the substitute that is used with “repeated references in subsequent citations” and “subsequent works by the same author”. It might be especially relevant to people writing in German, but I also think it might sometimes be a problem for those working in English as well.

I would like the „author“-field with subsequent works by the same author to be ‘ebd.’ - capitalised (‘Ebd.’) at the beginning of a footnote or after a fullstop, not capitalized after a comma or semicolon, e.g. if there is a group of citations in one footnote.

For Example like this:

See also ebd., title, page number.

Ebd., title, page number

In the “Edit reference style” menu, column “Author lists”, one gets to choose an option for what to do with repeated authors, but endnote then keeps whatever spelling is used in this field. E.g. if one typed in ebd., it then writes ebd. even at the beginning of a new footnote/sentence.

This is something that endnote does properly for the case of repeated references in subsequent citations: there the capitalization is changed according to whether it is in a sentence or at the beginning of one.

Can someone help me fix this? Has anyone had the same problem, and how did you solve it? It’s just so annoying to change things like these manually …

Thanks in advance!


did you get a solition to your issue as I’ve got the same?

Best regards!

Stephan O.