Customer suggestion: replace repeated in-text-citation

„One small problem with EndNote is that it seems to be impossible to specify that certain in-text references should read as “(ibid.)”, “(loc. cit.)”, “(ebd.)”, etc… In some citation styles it is customary that, if a certain author is cited twice in a row, the second citation refers to the first; i.e.: “text text text (Quack 2010), text text text (ibid.)”. How is it possible to automate this with EndNote?
Resolving this issue manually in a final stage can create problems twice. First, you may not see some of the “ibid” citations, and therefore “(Quack 2010) … (Quack 2010)” will remain. Second, if some revisions are later necessary, and another citation is inserted in-between, the “ibid” may be left and would refer to a wrong citation.
Since this form of citing is possible in footnotes, there must be some way to do this with EndNote for in-text references as well - right?”