Repeated Citations after same cited pages

Hi everyone, I am using EndNote X9 and have following problem: I use my own output style which orientates at Chicago 17th. I told EndNote to replace repeated data with “Ebd., Cited Pages.” which works perfectly fine. When two following references include the same cited page, it only uses “Ebd.,”, which is absolutely what it is supposed to do, but WITHOUT THE COMMA. I tried to switch the instructions of “repeated reference” and “repeated source”, which didn’t have the desired effect. The only solution I can think of now is to delete the comma in my output style to “Ebd. Cited Pages” and edit every single citation which needs a comma. But it would be so so much work. Please, does anybody know a better solution? Thank you so much in anticipation.

Is there a way to add your style to you post? I would expect to see something like

Ebd.|,<link adjacent space, which looks like a tiny diamond, may not be necessary>Cited Pages|.


Ebd.|, Cited Pages|.

as I believe the double period would be resolved by Endnotes removal of two adjacent punctuation characters.

where the | means to display the punctuation to only show when the adjacent field has content.

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Thank you so much leanne, I tried it out but needed to add another “Link Adjacent Text” in front of the first “Forced Separation”, but did not need the latter behind the “Cited Pages”. This is how it looks now:

Ebd. |, Cited Pages.

And it works! Finally! Thanks a lot for your inspiration.

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